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DePuy ASR hip failure lawsuitsMetal-on-metal hip implants have led to some patients developing metallosis, a condition in which build-up of metal debris in the soft tissues of the body occur.

While all surgeries carry some risk, the type of implant used in hip replacement procedures may carry additional risks. For example, studies show metal-on-metal implants have greater risk of loosening or early failure because metal particles released from the device may weaken nearby bone and tissue. Popular brands of metal-on-metal implants include the DePuy ASR and Pinnacle, Smith & Nephew Emperion and Birmingham Hip and the Biomet M2a-Magnum.

Recently a growing number of lawsuits have been filed against the makers of metal-on-metal hip implants after patients developed metallosis.

Metal on metal hip implants have another premature hip implant failure and metallosis disaster to account for. Recently, another metal hip implant fiasco and recall has hit the airways and garnered the strongest warning/recall from the FDA.

Wright Conserve metallosis attorneyThe FDA recently announced the Profemur hip recall for the Long Cobalt Chrome 8 Degree Varus/Valgus Modular Neck, noting that it is a Class I medical device recall.

The epidemic of premature metal on metal hip implant failure continues surge at an alarming rate. DePuy ASR, DePuy Pinnacle, Biomet Magnum & M2a, Smith and Nephew, Wright Conserve, Zimmer Durom cup and Stryker Rejuvenate and ABG II, are among hip replacements that continue to fail prematurely and require painful and risky revision surgery.

11,000 Affected Profemur Modular Neck Components

There are high rates of hip implant fractures has led to the recall of nearly 11,000 Profemur Varus/Valgus modular neck components for artificial hip replacement systems.

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For the folks who have been injured or severely maimed by the defective Depuy ASR metal on metal hip implant, relief is around the corner. According to unnamed sources, Bloomberg News and the New York Times, a mammoth settlement is pending release in open federal court on Tuesday November 19th.

The proposed settlement is going to be presented in federal court and will need the blessing of the federal judge overseeing the DePuy ASR litigation, which at last count has passed the 12,000 mark for folks afflicted by the allegedly faulty hip implant.

According to Bloomberg News, Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) will pay more than $4 billion to resolve the product liability lawsuits over its recalled hip implants. This massive settlement is the largest of U.S. lawsuit claims over an allegedly defective medical device, and affects thousands of patients who have been injured by the metal on metal hip implant.

Settlement Impacts Thousands of Patients

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