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A Washington, D.C., salon owner has agreed to a $7 million settlement in a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by one of his employees.

The suit, filed by Jennifer Thong against Andre Chreky, alleges “rough-hewn sexual advances and retaliation when those advances were rebuffed.” The advances include attempts at forced intercourse and brutal attacks by Chreky, the suit claims.

Neely Tucker, The Washington Post 08/17/2010
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The Fulton County Daily Report (7/30, Palmer) reports, “Lawyers watching a sexual harassment case that tested the limits of acceptable workplace behavior won’t get to hear what the full 11th US Circuit Court of Appeals thinks of the matter.

The case against Home Depot, heard in a rare en banc session by the full appeals court bench in June, has been settled” following “a joint motion by the parties.”

In Corbitt v. Home Depot USA, two male employees “claimed that a male manager made inappropriate sexual overtures to them.”

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Two former female employees of the hedge fund Titan Capital have filed a sexual discrimination suit against the fund’s president and other top officials.

Danielle Pecile and Cristina Culicea claim in their suit that they were “repeatedly hit on, cursed at and called names like ‘idiot’ by the defendants.”

Pecile also says in the suit that fund president Russell Abrams asked her on one occasion to have bare-chested pictures of his wife printed from a CD. The lawsuit seeks unspecified monetary damages. Leo Standora , New York Daily News 07/30/2010

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The AP (7/13) reported, “A Latino civil rights organization sued an international gym chain, accusing 24 Hour Fitness of racial and gender discrimination against its workers in California.

The lawsuit filed by the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund and a law firm claimed that black, Latino, Asian and female staffers systematically hit glass ceilings when they applied for management jobs at some of the company’s approximately 200 California clubs.”

The suit claims “the fitness club violated state anti-discrimination laws and seeks class-action status, which would allow it to represent an estimated 10,000 California employees of the fitness chain.”

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The AP (7/14) reported, “Novartis will pay up to $152.5 million to potentially thousands of women after a jury found it discriminated against them by paying them less than men, the pharmaceutical company and plaintiffs’ lawyers announced Wednesday after a deal was struck. The agreement, which still must be approved by a federal judge in Manhattan, also calls for an additional $22.5 million to be paid for company programs to eliminate discrimination. The settlement covers claims by 5,600 women at the drug company who were part of the class-action lawsuit that resulted in a six-week trial earlier this year.”

Bloomberg News (7/14, Van Voris) reported, “The suit was filed in 2004 by Amy Velez and four other women who claimed they faced discrimination over pay and promotion and for pregnancy.”

The Wall Street Journal (7/15, Bray) reports that lead plaintiffs’ attorney David Sanford said, “Novartis has agreed to a momentous settlement,” adding, “the terms of this agreement allow for full compensation of both former and current female field force employees, ensuring that every woman who worked at Novartis over the past eight years has been compensated fairly.”

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A discrimination lawsuit has been filed against Comcast by a former employee who claims that, upon his transfer to the Naples, Fla., office in 2006, he was discriminated against because he is African-American.

Timothy Morrison, who worked for Comcast for 10 years, claims that his bosses in the Naples office created a “pattern of harassing and hostile treatment based on his race,” including suggesting he should move back to Chicago to be near “his people.”

Morrison also alleges that when he formally complained about the treatment, he was fired. The lawsuit seeks an unspecified amount of damages. Leslie Williams Hale, Naples News 06/23/2010
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A former FedEx employee who was awarded damages in a sexual harassment lawsuit against the company will now be able to seek full punitive damages, a federal appeals court ruled.

Charlotte Boswell was awarded $300,000 for lost earnings, $250,000 for emotional distress and $2.45 million in punitive damages for the company’s violation of her rights in 2007.

A U.S. district judge cut the punitive damages to $300,000, which is the maximum amount set by federal civil rights law for punitive damages. The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals granted Boswell a new punitive damages trial, saying “she should have been allowed to present her case for damages under California law, which has no dollar limit.” Bob Egelko, San Francisco Chronicle 06/20/2010

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An Atlanta homebuilder has agreed to a $378,500 settlement in a lawsuit that accused the company of racial discrimination.

The lawsuit claimed that John Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods Inc. intentionally steered African-American sales agents to lower-priced subdivisions, which prevented them from earning similar commissions as their white counterparts in higher-cost subdivisions.

Over the next six years, Wieland will hire at least 10 African-Americans and women for management positions as part of the settlement. Péralte C. Paul , Atlanta Journal-Constitution 06/23/2010
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The city of Fresno, Calif., has reached a $3.35 million settlement with a local woman who claims she was forced out of the Fresno Fire Department’s training academy because of her gender.

Michelle Maher stated in her lawsuit that she was set up to fail by fire training academy supervisors and that her exams were graded unfairly. As part of the settlement, the city will dismiss its appeal. Staff Report, The Fresno Bee 06/12/2010
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A $125,000 settlement has been reached in a discrimination lawsuit against a Kansas-based staffing company.

The lawsuit was filed against the Spencer Reed Group, LLC, by a 55-year-old white employee who claimed that she was subjected to harsher working conditions because of her age and race.

She claimed that she was given more work than her co-workers and was forced to provide reports on a weekly basis instead of monthly like the other employees. Also, the lawsuit stated that the plaintiff’s bosses often yelled and belittled her in front of the other employees.

As part of the settlement, the company will provide equal employment opportunity training and will post anti-discrimination notices. Staff Report, Kansas City Info Zine 06/13/2010
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