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There is a big push underway to try and resolve all of the Actos bladder cancer lawsuits. Actos_Bladder_Cancer_AttorneyThe U.S. District Judge presiding over all federal Actos bladder cancer lawsuits will require the parties to discuss settlements in advance of a bellwether trial scheduled in 2016.

In that trial at least five different cases may be consolidated for trial before one jury.

Actos Bladder Cancer Lawsuits Continue to Increase

Great news for folks injured by Actos diabetes drug and who have filed personal injury lawsuits. As most people know the first federal Actos trial has started on Monday February 3rd. The jury has been picked and is ready to go into a marathon trial expected to last several weeks.

Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., the manufacturer of the type 2 diabetic drug, Actos, must let a jury hear claims that it intentionally destroyed files related its Actos diabetes drug. The federal judge overseeing the trial has made this ruling, to allow this evidence and jury instruction, know as a Spoliation of Evidence. The jury is allowed to infer that the destroyed documents were damaging to the company.

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