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Dallas Depuy Hip Recall Attorney

As a Dallas Depuy Hip Recall Attorney, I am fielding many calls from concerned plaintiffs regarding their implanted DePuy ASR Metal on Metal Hip prosthesis.

Many plaintiffs are understandably concerned, about what to do next once they receive a certified letter from their orthopedic doctor, allegedly ghost written by DePuy.

Many folks are asked to get a blood test and are asked to sign over their hip surgery medical records. Patients with the metal hip devices have suffered pain and inflammation from device malfunction, and have endured metallosis when the grinding of metal parts in the hip implants releases cobalt and chromium into their bloodstream.

Folks you are not alone, you need to preserve your legal rights and have your case evaluated by an experienced product liability attorney.

I had one just call today, from a man who is suffering terribly from his 2 year old hip surgery. He had never sued anybody and did not know what to next.

He had received the correspondence from his doctors and a request for a blood test. He was confused and upset because he knows that he will have to undergo another painful hip surgery, and he knows he will have a long road to recovery, pain and suffering and finally may lose his job.

He is the only bread winner in his family and knows if he loses his job, he will have no health insurance to pay for the new hip, which can cost up $150,000.

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