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Texas Man Awarded $4 M in Surgical Sponge Malpractice Suit

As a Fort Worth Medical Malpractice attorney, I read with interest this Texas medical malpractice case.

A Texas jury awarded $4 million to a man who had a surgical sponge left inside him after a cholecystectomy surgery in 2008.

Several months later, he returned to the hospital with severe stomach pain, according to the law suit. Upon further testing including abdominal ct scan,, it was discovered that a sponge had been accidentally left inside his abdomen.

Damage Breakdown:

$100 k: Physical and mental anguish suffered in the past
$30 k: Physical and mental anguish expected in the future
$200 k: Loss of earning capacity in the past
$300 k: Loss of earning capacity expected in the future
$150 k: Physical impairment sustained in the past
$300 k: Medical expenses incurred in the past
$3 million: Medical care and expenses expected in the future
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