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Benzene Air Pollutant Linked to Spina Bifida Birth Defect

As a Fort Worth Benzene Lawsuit Attorney, I have been writing over the past month a series of stories on the Environment and Toxicity.

According to a new study, mothers who live in Texas neighborhoods with higher levels of benzene, a pollutant from refineries and tailpipes, are more likely to have babies with a serious neurological defects.

Texas leads the nation in benzene releases, accounting for more than 34% of emissions.

This study for the first time, links benzene to a neurological birth defect and demonstrates that air pollution can harm a fetus.

Researchers from the UT School of Public Health and Texas Dept of State Health Services conducted the study, which appeared in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives.

Houston Chronicle 10/28/2010
Read Article: Houston Chronicle

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