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Dallas dog attack attorney

Dallas dog attack attorney

Dog Bite Cases and Negligence – Texas’ “One Bite Rule.” In Texas, more than half of the population owns at least one pet. Dogs make up 43% of pets owned by Texans, and some of the most popular breeds are Golden Retrievers, French Bulldogs, English Bulldogs, and finally mixed dogs (commonly referred to as “mutts”).

 Although dogs make great pets, some breeds may be more susceptible to displaying a poor temperament and aggressive behavior than others. Texas was among the highest-ranked states in the nation for dog bite claims in 2019 with an average payout of over $40,000 and a total of 937 claims.

Dallas, Texas victim of dog mauling and dog attack. As reported earlier, a Dallas, Texas student who was horrendously mauled and attacked by two dogs, has now returned home after an extensive hospital stay.

Jaqueline Durand, 22, was dog-sitting for a Coppell couple when she was mauled by their two pets, a German Shepherd and a pit bull. The UT Dallas student was hired as a dog sitter for three pets while their owners were out of town. Read the full story here.

Durand suffered multiple catastrophic injuries including the loss of both ears, lips, nose, and the majority of her face, the dog bites missed her carotid artery and she had multiple deep dog bites and lacerations all over her body.

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