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Yaz Birth Control Coma and Blindness

As a Yaz Birth Control Coma and Blindness Injury attorney and Texas medical doctor I am providing this YAZ, Yasmin and Ocella update.

ABC’s chief law and justice correspondent, Chris Cuomo, interviews Carissa Ubersox, a former pediatric nurse who started taking Bayer’s Yaz birth control pills when she wanted to look her best for her wedding and “saw commercials suggesting help with bloating and acne.” Two months after Ubersox started to take Yaz birth control pills, she developed massive blood clots in both lungs and fell into a coma that lasted for two weeks. When she woke up, she was blind.

All birth control pills come with some risk of developing blood clots, and Bayer “cites its own studies as proof that Yaz is just as safe as other birth control pills.” However, Dr. Susan Jick of the Boston University School of Medicine has authored an independent study involving a million women that finds Yaz’s risk to be two to three times higher than other birth control pills. ABC reports that two Bayer-sponsored studies find no difference in risk, while four independent studies all find increased risk.

Ubersox believes that Yaz birth control pills, which once seemed like a “miracle drug,” are the reason that she developed blood clots in both her lungs and is now blind. She and thousands of other women are now suing Bayer for Yaz’s negative side effects. Bayer denies any wrongdoing and would not answer ABC’s questions about Yaz birth control pills.

We having been blogging and providing much needed information on the side effects of YAZ, Yasmin and Ocella for the past 2 years and have filed many lawsuits in the Southern District of Illinois federal court. This is where the Bayer oral contraceptive lawsuits have been federally consolidated. Click here to read our 113 articles on YAZ, Yasmin and Ocella.

The first case we filed in this Bayer oral contraceptive litigation had similar fact pattern as the above ABC video. In our lawsuit, our client was a woman in her mid forties who was on Yaz for a short time period. She, one night, was noted to be making gurgling sounds while she was asleep. This was noticed by her husband who immediately recognized that something was not quite right. He immediately called 911 and started CPR.

She was taken emergently to the local ER, she was shocked multiple times on route to the ER, by the paramedics and again in the ER had to be resuscitated for several hours. She practically died several times that night, but she had an immense will to live and survived the tragic ordeal. Like the victim in the video, she also suffered from a massive pulmonary embolism. She was also placed in a medically induced coma and when she recovered she noticed she had developed cortical blindness and severe neuro-muscular weakness.

Currently she is being looked after at home by her husband and family. Bayer has refused to accept any liability in these lawsuits to date.

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