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Tepezza Hearing Loss Lawsuits. Tepezza also known as teprotumumab-trbw is a prescription infusion medication approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of Thyroid Eye Disease (TED), also known as Graves’ orbitopathy.

Tepezza Hearing Loss Lawsuits

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Tepezza was approved in 2020 for the treatment of adults with thyroid eye disease, a medical condition where the muscles and fatty tissues behind the eye become congested and swollen due to inflammation, causing the eyes to be pushed forward and bulge outwards (proptosis). The FDA’s approval of Tepezza was the first drug approved for the treatment of thyroid eye disease.

After a short few years of being used, Tepezza is now linked to hearing loss, progressive deafness, tinnitus, and other hearing problems.

What is Thyroid Eye Disease?

Thyroid Eye Disease, also known as Graves’ orbitopathy or Graves’ ophthalmopathy, is an autoimmune condition that affects the muscles and other tissues around the eyes. It is most commonly associated with Graves’ disease, an autoimmune disorder that leads to overactivity of the thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism). However, TED can also occur in individuals with normal thyroid function or hypothyroidism. Continue reading

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