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Kroger lawsuitThe Kroger company has over 2400 stores in 31 states. In addition to its branded Kroger stores, the company operates or owns numerous other brands including Smith’s Marketplace, Fry’s Marketplace, Dillons, Food4less and many other stores. They also operate 700 convenience stores in 19 states. With so many stores in so many states, it is no wonder that slip and fall accidents sometimes occur in Kroger-owned businesses.

One of the most well-known slip and fall cases involved a Kroger store. In Robinson v. Kroger, the Georgia Supreme changed the state’s standard for slip and fall accident victims when it ruled that a judge could not presume that a shopper failed to act with ordinary care when the shopper’s vision may have been obscured.

In a recent case, a court ordered Kroger to pay $2.3 million to a man injured after slipping on a piece of smashed fruit. The man suffered severe spinal cord damage. It was later discovered that the Kroger store at the center of the lawsuit had intentionally destroyed the video footage of the accident.

Slip and falls can cause serious injury to a person. This is why a competent attorney is crucial whenever somebody suffers an injury from a slip and fall.

Slip and Fall lawsutisIn one recent case, a shopper at Lowe’s filed a lawsuit against the company after the shopper was seriously injured in a slip and fall. In this case, the shopper lost her sense of taste and smell after injuring her head.

Lowes, like most major employers, fought this case tooth-and-nail. However, the jury of the Hendrickson v. Lowe’s (case number A-13-687418-C) case ultimately awarded the plaintiff with $16.4 million. The award came as jurors concluded the company’s negligence caused Kelly Hendrickson to slip and fall in water in the garden department of its South Fort Apache Street store as she was looking at palm trees.

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