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Smith & Nephew BHR & R3 Lawsuit Update. I am providing this timely update regarding the ongoing problems with the Smith & Nephew Birmingham hip replacement (BHR) and R3 metal on metal hip implants. This article is a continuation of a series of articles on the general and specific problems with the Metal on Metal (MoM) line of hip implants, addressing individual hip manufacturers. First I’ll address the reasons for a hip implant in the first place.

Smith & Nephew BHR & R3 Lawsuit Update

These metal-on-metal hip designs were touted to last over 20 years and provide greater mobility and patient functionality. But the reality is different

Reasons for a Hip Replacement

Birmingham Hip Implant Resurfacing Lawsuit News. Over the past ten years, metal on metal (MOM) hip implants have been under fire over their increased risk of premature failure and serious complications of metal poisoning and localized hip soft tissue reactions causing pseudotumors.

Birmingham Hip Implant Resurfacing Lawsuit News

Birmingham Hip Implant Resurfacing Lawsuit News. Smith & Nephew Birmingham Resurfacing implant premature hip failure is linked to an alleged design defect causing personal injury, metallosis, pain and need for risky revision surgery according to lawsuits.

Scope of the Hip Implant Problems

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