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Bard PowerPort Injury lawsuits are being filed against Bard claiming that the implantable intravenous devices have serious design defects that cause the ports to break apart and migrate, leading to catastrophic life-threatening injuries. The FDA approved the first Bard PowerPort device in 2000.

Bard PowerPort Injury

Bard PowerPort Injury is linked to dangerous side effects including blood clots, fractures and bleeding. Injured? Call Dr. Shezad Malik at 214-390-3189

A woman in Chicago recently filed a Bard PowerPort Injury lawsuit. The woman had a PowerPort implanted in her neck for breast cancer chemotherapy. In just nine short months, the PowerPort fragmented, and device pieces traveled to her heart and veins. She had to undergo several painful surgeries to remove the fragments from her heart and other areas. Her lawsuit was filed in the U.S. Federal Court, Northern District of Chicago.

What is the Bard PowerPort device?

The Bard PowerPort is a group of port catheter devices that are implanted under the skin, so an intravenous tube known as a catheter can inject medication into the bloodstream.

The Bard PowerPort is a specific brand and type of implantable port device, which is commonly used in medical treatments requiring frequent access to the venous system for the delivery of medications, chemotherapy, blood products, and for the taking of blood samples. The Bard PowerPort is manufactured by C.R. Bard, Inc. (now part of Becton, Dickinson and Company). Continue reading

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