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Nigerian Pharmacists Sue UTMB Over Discrimination

Four pharmacists at the University of Texas Medical Branch filed suit claiming that the medical institution is discriminating against them because of their nationalities.

The pharmacists claim that their superiors used their Nigerian origins as a reason to overlook them for raises, compensation and promotion, despite each individual’s education and professional work histories.

The plaintiffs complained that their discrimination was on the basis of their national origin; also stating that the plaintiffs are American citizens.

The complaint said the Pharmacy Department gave the plaintiffs 1 percent raises while their colleagues received two percent raises.


Nothing in the plaintiffs’ work experience, actual performance, and responsibilities justifies the denial of the comparable raises the plaintiffs claimed. No other group or nationality experienced the cross-the-board denial of the wage increase except for the Nigerian pharmacists.

Two of the pharmacists claim they were dismissed from their respective positions when word of their protests reached management. The plaintiffs are seeking:

A declaratory judgment stating that the defendant has engaged in discriminatory conduct and that defendant has violated Texas law against national origin discrimination;
Reinstatement in employment for terminated employees; and back wages and benefits; and compensatory damages incurred in the past, present, and future.

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Legal Analysis: Discrimination can occur in may guises; it just happened that these folks found out about it and raised a fuss that fell on deaf ears.

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