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Florida Supreme Court OKs Anthrax Law Suit

The Florida Supreme Court issued a ruling will help the widow of an anthrax victim claim that the government was ultimately responsible for her husband’s death.

The widow’s husband was a photo editor who was exposed to anthrax when it was mailed to the Boca Raton office of American Media Inc., in 2001. He was the first of five people who died and 17 others got sick in a series of similar attacks.

The Court ruled that the defendants had a duty under Florida law to protect the public against the unauthorized release of lethal materials. The law suit also alleges the government and Battelle Memorial Institute, a private laboratory in Columbus, Ohio, were the source of the anthrax.

The ruling on the defendants’ duty under Florida law was requested by a federal appeals court considering a motion to dismiss the lawsuit.


The 2003 lawsuit alleges the government and Battelle of negligence for failing to protect the public against dissemination of an ultra-hazardous substance that poses virtually unparalleled risk of injury.

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Legal Analysis: Anthrax which has been purified and genetically modified by the Government researchers for only one object-to kill people as fast as possible and as many as possible. Another in a series of weapons of mass destruction. This agent can never be safe under any circumstances and despite the best of security, it will find a way out into the community. We have not heard the last of Anthrax-the Super Bio Weapon.

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