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Dell Sued For Wrongful Termination

According to a new lawsuit filed by four former human-resources managers recent layoffs at Dell unfairly targeted women and workers over age 40, and the company discriminates against women in pay and promotions,
The four former HR executives at Dell are seeking US$500 million in a class-action lawsuit filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California. The four women alleged that the company and its “old boy network” discriminated against women in pay, job placement, promotions and layoffs.

Dell in May 2007 announced plans to lay off about 8,800 workers, about 10 percent of its workforce. Those layoffs unfairly targeted women and older workers, and more than 80 percent of Dell’s upper management is now male, the lawsuit claims.


A former senior HR manager, Ms.Chapman, was repeatedly denied promotions or pay increases although her responsibilities equaled or exceeded those of younger male directors, the lawsuit claims. Chapman was laid off from Dell in April.

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Legal Analysis: In tough economic times we will start to see more cases of wrongful termination and discrimination. Typically ot has been; last to join, first to leave. But now the buddies stay on and the smoes get shown the door.

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