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Denton Texas Medical Doctor License Suspended Over Sex Assault Allegations


As a Fort Worth Medical Practice Attorney, I want to share this Texas Medical Board bulletin, regarding a Denton, Texas doctor’s fitness to practice medicine. A Denton County doctor who is quoted saying he does “what is best for the patient” is now considered “a continuing threat to the public welfare.”

Medical Board Suspends License of Denton Physician

On March 14, 2011, a disciplinary panel of the Texas Medical Board temporarily suspended, with notice, the medical license of Ramon A. Cruz, M.D., of Denton, after determining that Dr. Cruz’s continuation in the practice of medicine constitutes a continuing threat to the public welfare.

The panel found that Dr. Cruz, Lic. No. K3703, engaged in sexually inappropriate behavior with several patients. Four incidents, including an alleged sexual assault, were reported by patients to Denton Police. Patients reported four incidents to Denton police, including one alleged sexual assault.

His accusers say he used “aggressive behavior” toward them dating back to 2008, but no action was taken until this week. Documents reveal one patient accused Cruz of putting “his hand down the front of her pajama pants.” Another patient alleges the doctor was “grabbing her from behind and putting his hand under her shirt.”

Since the suspension, four additional women contacted police saying they also were victims of Dr Cruz, who touched them sexually and made inappropriate remarks, according to police reports.

One woman described three occasions when she either was in his office or in a hospital room. She said on one occasion she was hospitalized and drowsy on pain medication when he came into the room, lifted the sheet to look at her body and then leaned over and kissed her, according to the police report.

Another woman reported to police that he kissed her and made sexual comments to her during two visits to his office in September 2009.

A third woman said that during 2003 and 2004, when she was his patient, he tried to kiss her and touch her, a police report states.

The fourth woman reported to police she was hospitalized when he touched her and kissed her against her wishes.

Most of the women who have reported the doctor’s behavior so far have said they did not report it because they thought no one would believe them.

The panel found that Dr. Cruz’s actions demonstrate a pattern of inappropriate behavior, which is a continuing threat to public health and safety. The suspension remains in effect until the Board takes further action.

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