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Sexual abuse, sexual assault

A 18-year-old woman protects herself with her hand with the inscription Stop

California $100M verdict in Middle School sexual abuse lawsuit. A San Jose jury awarded $102.5M to two women, finding that they were repeatedly assaulted by their middle school music teacher over a period of years and that the Union School District failed to intervene in the abuse.

The result was reached on March 30th after the conclusion of a civil trial against Union School District which includes Dartmouth Middle School, where the teacher was employed, and where the assaults took place between 2009 and 2017.

Child sex abuse

Child sex abuse

Child Sex Abuse in Catholic Dioceses Worldwide – One of Nation’s Oldest Districts Suing Insurance Companies to Cover Tide of Cases. Twenty years ago, the Boston Globe reported on the child sex abuse endemic to the Boston Archdiocese of the Catholic Church.

Damningly, that report found that not only were children abused but that the Church was complicit in hiding the allegations and refusing to hold the predators responsible, fomenting an institution that was extremely dangerous for children.

As a Dallas Sex Abuse Personal Injury Attorney, I am glad to report this sex abuse case with a good outcome.

What is the world coming to, when you cannot even go to a local burger joint with your kids?

A settlement has been reached in a suit filed against a Florida McDonald’s after an employee exposed himself to a young female customer inside the restaurant. A sex offender with an extensive criminal history — including repeated arrests on suspicion of exposing himself — was arrested after he was caught touching himself in front of a girl inside a Seminole County McDonald’s where he was working.

The incident eventually led to a guilty conviction for Robert Jonathan Walyus, and the victim’s filing a lawsuit against him, McDonald’s Corp. and the local-franchise owner.

The lawsuit claimed proper hiring supervision rules were not in place, allowing the restaurant to hire a sex offender with an extensive criminal history.

The suit claimed the incident caused the young girl to have anxiety attacks and an inability to main normal relationships with males. The terms of the settlement were undisclosed.

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As a Fort Worth Sexual Abuse attorney I am writing about a recent sexual abuse Federal lawsuit involving the armed forces.

A federal lawsuit alleges the Department of Defense of allowing a military culture that fails to prevent rape and sexual assault, and of mishandling cases that were brought to its attention, therefore violating the plaintiffs’ constitutional rights.


The suit — brought by 2 men and 15 women, both veterans and active-duty service members — specifically claims that Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates and his predecessor, Donald H. Rumsfeld, “ran institutions in which perpetrators were promoted and where military personnel openly mocked and flouted the modest Congressionally mandated institutional reforms.”
The suit, which was filed in Federal District Court in Virginia, seeks monetary damages, and those involved with the case said their goal was an overhaul of the military’s judicial system regarding rape, sexual assault and sexual harassment.

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As a Fort Worth Sexual Assault and abuse attorney, I am providing this update for the TCU lawsuit involving rape and sexual assault on campus.

According to a lawsuit the student filed against the university, Texas Christian University officials should have known that two athletic recruits accused of raping an art student had criminal histories and posed a threat on campus.

The woman who filed the lawsuit, alleged that she was was drugged and then gang-raped by three athletes in 2006 while visiting a dormitory room. The three were arrested and were permanently separated from the university.


Attorneys representing the woman in her lawsuit maintain that if TCU officials did not know, they should have known that, the attackers, Jones and Taylor had criminal histories and that Jones had had his probation revoked in connection with an assault causing bodily injury in a 2005 Collin County case.

The three athletes, Behling, Taylor and Jones were arrested in October 2006 after the woman reported that Taylor sexually assaulted her. Taylor lured her to his dorm room on the pretext of repaying money he owed for a hamburger. There, the woman told police, she was given a drink that caused her to pass out. Then she was attacked repeatedly by the athletes.

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