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According to Bayer, the pharmaceutical giant has paid out more than $1.6 billion in settlements over Yasmin and Yaz blood clot embolism injuries. The German drug manufacturer is exposed to thousands of product liability drug claims that allege that women suffered severe blood clots due to dangerous side effects of the birth control pills. Bayer […]

Countless women take birth control pills and use other hormone containing contraceptive devices world wide every single day, but few realize and understand the deadly risks associated with the medications. Female hormonal contraception can lead to blood clots, a condition known as venous thromboembolism (VTE). When a blood clot forms inside a deep vein, it […]

Bayer is currently settling Yasmin and Yaz lawsuits and new Yaz, Yasmin and Ocella claims are being filed. Bayer is only settling cases that involve allegations that the birth control pills caused a venous clot injury, such as a deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolism. U.S. health regulators in April added warnings to the labels […]

As a YAZ, Yasmin and Ocella deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism attorney I am poviding this update to the status of YAZ settlements. According to some experts, Bayer Pharmaceutical company the manufacturer of Yaz or Yasmin birth control pills, will end up paying more than $2 billion to settle lawsuits. Bloomberg reported on July […]

As a Yaz Pulmonary Embolism, Deep Vein Thrombosis Attorney I have written extensively about the risks inherent in birth control pills containing Drospirenone. According to status report held on June 22, in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Illinois, Bayer has reached agreements with about 33 different law firms to resolve at […]

As a Yaz, Yasmin and Ocella pulmonary embolism attorney, I have written extensively about the venous thrombo-embolism (VTE) side effects from Drospirenone containg oral contraceptive pills. Beyaz is an oral contraceptive approved by the FDA in 2010, that contains folate (0.451 mg of levomefolate calcium). It is a “fourth generation” form of birth control that […]

Beyaz is an oral contraceptive approved by the FDA in 2010, that contains folate (0.451 mg of levomefolate calcium). It is a “fourth generation” form of birth control that contains drospirenone, a new type of synthetic progestin. Drospirenone has been linked to potentially deadly side effects, including pulmonary embolism (PE) and stroke. What is Beyaz? […]

According to the latest published medical research, women on combined hormonal birth control drugs, including the NuvaRing vaginal ring, and Yaz, Yasmin and Ocella birth control pills, may face a significantly higher risk of a heart attack or stroke compared to users of other forms of hormonal birth control. New England Journal of Medicine June […]

According to a report in Bloomberg News, Bayer AG will pay at least $110 million to settle about 500 lawsuits over claims that its Yaz, Yasmin, Ocella lines of birth-control pills caused blood clots, in the first round of case settlement. Bayer, is based in Leverkusen, Germany, and agreed to pay an average of about […]

The FDA made a safety announcement today regarding birth control pills containing Drospirenone and the new label change, that these products may be associated with a higher risk for blood clots. FDA indicated that it had completed its review of recent observational (epidemiologic) studies regarding the risk of blood clots in women taking drospirenone-containing birth […]

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