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Texas Medical License and LIST

The Texas Medical Board implemented this month, the Licensure Inquiry System of Texas, (LIST), an online license application tracking system that is designed to reduce the time required to process and issue physician licenses in Texas.

LIST allows applicants to communicate with TMB via internet access and the system creates an easily accessible archive of all such communication between TMB and the applicant.

The new system is expected to reduce the time required to license a physician in Texas by adding efficiencies for TMB staff and for the applicants, who will have real-time access to all the materials they submitted.

Medical Analysis: As physician who has a Texas Medical License and who has been through the process, this new system should speed up the administrative process in obtaining a license. But the system is still slower and very inefficent than it should be. There is not enough funding to have sufficent numbers of staff who still have to manually process doctors applications.

In the 21st century one should be able to get a new license within 1 month. All documents should be posted and held in a repository, verified and updated continously. There should be a universal medical license, good to practice in any of the 50 states much like the drivers license.

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