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Mercury Fillings Harmful

Years after claiming that mercury in fillings was safe, the FDA now says it may be harmful to pregnant women, children, fetuses, and people who are especially sensitive to mercury exposure.

The FDA now states that dental amalgams containing mercury, may have neurotoxic effects on the nervous systems of developing children and fetuses.

Mercury-based metal blends have been used to repair teeth for many years. Resins, porcelain, gold, and other materials used for fillings are more expensive and not as durable.

Mercury, chemically bonds to powdered silver, tin and zinc and mercury vapor is released when the filling is placed, removed, and even during chewing. Mercury, which accumulates in the body, is highly toxic to the brain and especially the nervous system.

Mercury is released into the atmosphere by emissions from coal power plants and then falls via rain into the oceans and rivers where it is accumulated. Pregnant women have been warned about consuming fish which contain high levels of mercury.

Medical Analysis: Mercury is a highly toxic heavy metal and like lead can cause severe neurological injury.

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