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Exactech Knee Failure Lawsuits. In this article, I am going to highlight the problems with the Exactech brand of knee implants, the status of the lawsuits, and what an affected victim can do to receive compensation for having a defective knee in the first place and then to undergo painful expensive revision surgery within a short time frame.


Exactech Knee Failure Lawsuits. Having a defective Exactech knee implant can cause serious pain and the need for early revision. Injured? Call Dr. Malik Law Firm 214-390-3189

Bear with me, it is going to be a bumpy ride!

Exactech Knee Failure? Dr. Shezad Malik Law Firm can help

The Dr. Shezad Malik Law Firm is accepting Exactech knee failure, ankle implant, and hip implant failure cases in all 50 states. If you or a loved one have a defective Exactech ankle, hip, or knee implant contact us immediately for a free consultation.

Who is Exactech?

Exactech is a company that specializes in developing, manufacturing, distributing, and selling orthopedic implant devices, along with related surgical instrumentation and biologic services for hospitals and physicians. Founded in 1985 and headquartered in Gainesville, Florida, USA.

What is the Exactech Recall?

The Exactech knee recall was issued due to issues with the packaging of several of its knee, ankle, and hip replacement devices, which could lead to early degradation of the components. Continue reading

Exactech Knee Implant Failure

Exactech Knee Implant Failure

Exactech Knee Failure, a Texas-sized problem. They say that everything is bigger in Texas, and now a Texas-sized problem is coming to haunt Exactech Inc., the maker of the recalled Exactech knee implants.

Knee Implants is big business

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