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DePuy Hip ASR And Metallosis

As a Fort Worth DePuy Hip Product Liability attorney I took an interesting potential client inquiry. The woman had hip replacement and she has noticed that her hair is falling out in clumps, suggesting toxic metal ion poisoning., which is described below.

DePuy XL ASR Prosthetic Hips are unique, in that they involve metal on metal grinding during a patient’s ambulation. While the metal design may have have sounded good in theory, they have turned out horribly bad in clinical practice.

Patients then develop 2 types of problems. The repetitive grinding motion, leads to microscopic wearing down of the articular surfaces and the release of metallic ions, particularly cobalt and chromium, into the tissues surrounding the hip. The metal becomes fatigued and leads to early failure.

Also there is the resultant loosening and dislocation of the device resulting in the need for early hip revision surgery and/or the release of metal debris causing tissue damage.

This absorption of metallic ions in the tissues, leads to an inflammatory reaction, resulting in pain, swelling and immobility. The absorption of metallic ions into the bloodstream leads to cobalt and chromium toxicity. Polyneuropathy is caused by cobalt–chromium metallosis after total hip replacement. Read the article here.

artificial hip joint; biopsy; metal intoxication; polyneuropathy; toxic neuropathy

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