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Dallas Grocery Slip and Falls

I am providing this timely slip and fall update. Unfortunately many folks get injured by slipping and falling in a Dallas store or businesses every day. Many serious injuries can be avoided if Texas’ business owners would simply take the time and invest the money to make their stores safer.


As a Texas supermarket trip and fall attorney, I have represented customers who have been injured in grocery stores, convenience stores, shopping malls and big-box retailers for many years. Consistently, I have found that most of our clients have fallen because the business owner has not dedicated enough resources to customer safety. Some companies spend millions advertising each year but skimp when it comes to keeping customers safe.

Customer safety begins by creating the safest environment reasonably possible. Stores should have adequate lighting, clean and clear places to walk and non-slip surfaces. Many people in the Dallas Fort Worth area walk around in sandals and open-toed shoes. Knowing this, extra precautions should be used by store owners to make sure that anti-slip surfaces and anti-slip wax are used.

In addition, there should be a detailed inspection protocol for store aisles. Depending on the size of the store, employees should be assigned to inspect the floors for dangerous or slippery conditions on a routine basis. We recommend that floors should be observed several times per hour and a checklist form completed after each inspection.

Furthermore, spills should be properly cleaned and dried before customers are permitted access to the scene. Pop-up safety cones, like the Spill Safety Cone, are excellent products that provides a high-quality and cost-effective alternative to the leading high-priced safety cones currently on the market.

The Spill Safety Cone comes in two sizes: 20 inch & 30 inch. We recommend the 30 inch cone as it provides even greater visibility to distracted shoppers. The cone comes in a plastic storage sleeve with mounting hardware included. It is a strong, simple, device that is made of a high-quality, durable materials and can fit seamlessly into existing safety cone programs. Furthermore, since there is a low replacement cost, store owners should be more likely to use them.

We also recommend that any business owner with a large demographic of Spanish- speaking customers also use bilingual markers that have ANSI approved symbols. It is also essential that business owners training their employees how to inspect, clean and maintain the premises is essential to eliminate unnecessary slip and fall injuries.

Our Fort Worth slip and fall injury lawyers are devoted to holding businesses responsible for injuries caused by failing to putting profits over customer safety.

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