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Slip and Fall Explaination of Texas Premises Liability Law

As a Dallas Slip and Fall attorney I am writing this article to provide guidance for folks who are considering to file a slip and fall claim. You know folks, litigating slip and fall accidents in Texas is difficult because of the premises liability rules generated by our Texas Supreme Court.

In Texas, the status of the plaintiff is important; whether they are an invitee, licensee or mere trespasser. The duty of the premises owner will depend on the plaintiff’s status.


“Slip and fall” or “trip and fall” accidents are the most common form of premises liability cases. Common everyday conditions or defects leading to premises liability accidents include wet slick floors, slippery surfaces, uneven floors or steps, cracked sidewalks, broken stair rails, falling objects, high-stacking merchandise, torn carpeting, poor lighting, inadequate security, dangerous conditions caused by inclement weather such as sleet, rain and ice, and failure to secure a swimming pool area etc.

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We recently settle a slip and fall case through mediation. My client had slipped and fallen while walking through a corridor on her way to a car park. She slipped on something that was sticky, badly twisting her ankle and fracturing the fibula bone in her ankle. She had moderate medical expenses and she was self insured, so she was on the hook for the medical bills.

Luckily we had a surveillance camera video which showed my client falling and the time she was on the ground…unfortunately it did not show what she slipped on. We settled for almost twice the initial pre-mediation offer and the defendants paid for the mediation fee.

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