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Articles Posted in Nurse Licensing

The American Nurses Association (ANA), which represents the interests of the nation’s 2.9 million registered nurses, is joining forces with the Texas Nurses Association (TNA) to strongly criticize the recent indictment and prosecution of two registered nurses in Winkler County, Texas, for reporting to the Texas Medical Board their concerns about a physician’s standard of practice at the Winkler County Memorial Hospital in Kermit, Texas.

ANA and TNA are gravely concerned about the chilling effect the county’s actions could have on future nurse “whistle blowers” who advocate for their patients in the nation’s hospitals. An initial hearing on the nurses’ motions to dismiss the case was held July 15 in the Winkler County Courthouse but no rulings were made on any of the motions.

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There are 50 items on the nursing jurisprudence examination (NJE). You must correctly answer 75% of the questions to pass the NJE. You will have two (2) hours to complete the NJE. Displayed in the upper right hand corner of the computer screen will be a digital clock and the question number so you can monitor your progress throughout the NJE.

You are permitted to access the Board of Nursing (BON) website and other resource material throughout the exam to locate the answers to questions. The NJE will run in another window, thereby leaving this window open to access reference materials on the BON website.

A Passing Result will be posted and recorded to the BON system when all 50 questions are answered and a minimum of 38 questions are answered correctly. A certificate will be available for printing at the end of the examination process. Once a passing result is recorded, Board Staff will be notified and the jurisprudence exam requirement will be updated as completed in your BON file. Keep the certificate for your records. Do not mail the certificate to the BON.

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Austin Texas: The recent Legislative Session, has significantly expanded reporting requirements relating to peer assistance. As of September 1, 2007, a person or entity required to report a nurse, when the nurse is impaired or suspected of being impaired by chemical dependency, mental illness or diminished mental capacity, has a mandatory duty to report the nurse to the BON if it is believed that the impaired nurse committed a practice violation.


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Austin,Texas: The Texas Board of Nursing (BON) will begin administering the Nursing Jurisprudence Examination (NJE) to all initial nursing licensure applicants by examination and endorsement who apply on or after September 1, 2008.

The NJE will be a new licensure requirement for LVN and RN students seeking licensure through the applicable NCLEX examination, as well as licensed nurses (including advanced practice nurses) seeking licensure by endorsement from out-of-state and from foreign countries.

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Austin, Texas:The Board of Nursing (BON) will discontinue issuing wallet-sized paper licenses for nurses renewing their licenses beginning September 1, 2008. The BON will continue to issue paper license certificates for:

* Graduate nurses who pass the NCLEX® exam and obtain their initial nurse license in Texas;
* Nurses who hold licenses in other states and are obtaining a Texas nurse
license for the first time; and
* Nurses who receive full authorization to practice as advanced practice nurses.

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