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Texas Nurse Licenses-No More Paper

Austin, Texas:The Board of Nursing (BON) will discontinue issuing wallet-sized paper licenses for nurses renewing their licenses beginning September 1, 2008. The BON will continue to issue paper license certificates for:

* Graduate nurses who pass the NCLEX® exam and obtain their initial nurse license in Texas;
* Nurses who hold licenses in other states and are obtaining a Texas nurse
license for the first time; and
* Nurses who receive full authorization to practice as advanced practice nurses.

After September 1, 2008 Nurses and nurse employers should go to the agency website at www.bon.state.tx.us and to verify a license online. The verification, once printed, will resemble a license and will allow the nurse to have the document laminated for the purpose of carrying with them. Also, after September 1, 2008, the Texas BON will no longer issue duplicate or replacement licenses.

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