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Yaz Lawsuit Update: Plaintiff Mini Trials to Start Fall 2011

The first Yasmin and Yaz Product Liability Federal lawsuit trials are underway according to the recent MDL Southern District of Illinois Court Order. Our Fort Worth Yaz Injury Lawyer law firm is currently handling many cases in the Federal Yaz MDL which is consolidated in Southern District of Illinois, based in East St Louis.

These Federal MDL product liability cases involve allegations that women who took the oral contraceptive birth control pills suffered serious medical problems. 10% of the injury cases are strokes, 40% are venous thromboembolism (VTE), which include deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism (PE) and the remainder are gallbladder injuries.

Bell Weather Trial Case Selection and Process
In Complex Class action or MDL litigation, bell-weather trials allow the parties to evaluate how jurors respond to evidence that will be presented in the upcoming individual litigation.

The Court’s order calls for the parties to each choose 25 cases. All of the injury cases will be either gallbladder injuries or VTE. Yaz and Yasmin stroke lawsuits will not be part of the bell-weather trials because of their low percentage of personal injuries.

After case-specific discovery on the 50 chosen cases, the list of cases will be reduced to 24. The parties will select four PE cases, four gallbladder cases and four other VTE lawsuits. Each party will be allowed to veto one of the other side’s cases from each injury group. The Court will then choose one case from each group to serve as the bell-weather trial. The two other cases are backups in the event the first case cannot be tried for some reason.

The Yaz bell-weather trials will begin with a pulmonary embolism lawsuit on September 12, 2011, followed by a gallbladder injury lawsuit that has been set for trial January 9, 2012 and another VTE case that has been set for trial to begin April 2, 2012.

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