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Trial Set in Wrongful Death of Wal-Mart Slip and Fall

A trial date has been set in the case against Wal-Mart in the death of a Chadron, Neb., woman.

David Lehman sued the corporation shortly after his wife, Julie, died after falling in the Chadron store. The case, filed in Dawes County District Court was removed to the U.S. District Court, which has scheduled a trial for Feb. 16.

Julie Lehman was in Wal-Mart July 21 with her son, Steffan, 17, when she slipped on a wet floor in the automotive cleaning products aisle on her way to the restroom. Julie received her initial diagnosis and treatment at the Chadron Community Hospital before being flown to Rapid City Regional to have a massive blood clot in her brain surgically removed. Julie never woke up after surgery and died July 27.

Lehman’s lawsuit, filed on his behalf by attorney Monte Neilan, alleges that Wal-Mart either created or failed to prevent a wet, slippery floor through several negligent actions. The papers charge Wal-Mart with failing to have slip-resistant floors, failing to use slip-resistant flooring material, failing to treat/maintain floors with slip-resistant chemicals, failing to monitor/inspect for spills and failing to maintain a clean and dry floor.

The lawsuit also states that Wal-Mart created a condition of danger by displaying liquid on shelves erected over flooring and failed to use “reasonable care” to protect customers such as Julie Lehman.

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