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TMB May 2009 Board Rules Changes

The following is a summary of the changes effective on May 6, 2009. Click here for the complete board rules.

Chapter 166, Physician Registration, with amendments to §162.2 Continuing Medical Education, would allow members of the Board’s Expert Physician Panel up to 12 hours of formal continuing Medical Education for time actually spent in reviewing standard of care cases and providing a report to the board.

183, Acupuncture, with amendments to §183.2, Definitions, recognize acupuncture schools in the United States or Canada that have been approved by an accrediting body recognized by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and delete obsolete references to examinations taken prior to January 1, 2007. §183.4, Licensure, clarifies a possible confusion created by the current language of the rule, which incorrectly indicates that an unapproved acupuncture school in the United States or Canada can be recognized for licensure; increases the limit on times allowed for passage of the examination required for licensure from 3 times to 5 times; deletes the requirement that the JP examination be passed within three attempts and provides that passage of the JP examination is not required more than once for another or similar license; clarifies that an application is expired, rather than inactive, after one year; provides that applicants of acupuncture schools in the United States or Canada are not required to have a personal interview at board offices; updates procedures for submitting fingerprints for licensure applications; clarifies the requirement to file an application for relicensure when a license has been expired for more than one year; and makes grammatical corrections, §183.10, Patient Records, specify vital signs that must be taken in a proper examination and reduces time for records to be maintained from indefinitely to 5 years, specifying situations in which they must be maintained longer, and §183.20, Continuing Acupuncture Education, deletes a provision stating that credit for an ethics course completed for purposes of maintenance of licensure for another health profession may satisfy the requirement for continuing acupuncture education in ethics; require one hour of continuing acupuncture education in biomedicine after November 30, 2010; updates references to other board rules; specify that three years of previous experience must be continuous to achieve approved provider status; and deles unnecessary words.

189, Compliance Program, with amendments to §189.4, Limitations on Physician Probationer’s Practice, adds a provision recognizing Board Rule 185.2(19), which provides that a physician with a restricted license may not supervise or delegate prescriptive authority to a physician assistant.

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