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Texas Toddler Dies

Several thousand MacGregor and Mitre folding soccer goals were recalled today, after the death of a toddler.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission said a 20-month-old Texas toddler was strangled when his head and arm became caught up in the net of one of the recalled goals. The agency received one other report of a child’s head becoming trapped.

The gaps in the recalled nets are about 20 square inches, which is a dangerous size according to the CPSC. The agency says netting should have gaps less than 17 square inches or greater than 28 square inches, to prevent dangerous entanglement and strangulation.

The Chinese-made goals were distributed by Regent Sports Corp. of Hauppauge, N.Y., and sold by sports and hardware stores nationwide, including Wal-Mart and Ace Hardware.

Parents are advised to stop using the nets, which can be returned to Regent Sports in exchange for a safe replacement.

Legal Analysis: A classic case of product liability where a dangerous product was released into the market place with obvious dangerous design flaw now resulting in tragic consequences.

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