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Texas Medical Board Temporarily Restricts Doctor’s License

A panel of the Texas Medical Board temporarily restricted the license of a doctor based in Conroe, after determining that the doctor’s unrestricted practice of medicine presents a continuing threat to the public welfare.

The action was based on the panel’s findings that the doctor was responsible for violations in the standard of care, nontherapeutic prescribing, prescribing to persons who were known or should have been known to be engaged in substance abuse or diversion, and his failing to adequately supervise the activities of persons operating under his supervision. These findings were made as the result of a criminal investigation involving patients who had obtained narcotics prescriptions from clinics under the doctor’s medical direction.

The order temporarily restricts the doctor from prescribing any Schedule II or Schedule III controlled substances and further restricts the doctor from supervising or delegating any prescriptive authority to physician assistants or advance practice nurses.

The hearing took place in December and the restriction was effective immediately. The length of a temporary restriction order is indefinite but it remains in effect until the board takes further action.

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