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Texas Medical Board Implements New Rules

Rule Changes Adopted
The board adopted the following rule changes that were published in the Texas Register:

Chapter 163, Licensure, amendments to §163.5, Licensure Documentation.

Chapter 165, Medical Records, amendments to §165.1, Medical Records; §165.5, Transfer and Disposal of Medical Records.

Chapter 166, Physician Registration, amendments to§166.2, Continuing Medical Education; and §166.6, Exemption from Registration Fee for Retired Physician Providing Voluntary Charity Care.

Chapter 169, Authority of Physicians to Supply Drugs, amendments to §169.7, Record Keeping.

Chapter 173, Physician Profiles, amendments to§173.1, Profile Contents.

Chapter 178 Complaints, Rule Review with amendments to §178.1, Purpose and Scope.

Chapter 179, Investigations, Rule Review with amendments to §179.1, Purpose and Scope; §179.4, Request for Information and Records from Physician; §179.6, Time Limits.

Chapter 180, Rule Review with amendments to §180.1, Rehabilitation Orders.

Chapter 182, Use of Experts, Rule Review with amendments to §182.1, Purpose; §18.5, Expert Panel; §18.8, Expert Physician Reviewers.

Chapter 187, Procedural Rules, §187.3, Computation of Time; §187.4, Agreement to be in Writing, §187.13, Informal Board Proceedings Relating to Licensure Eligibility; §187.14, Informal Resolution of Disciplinary Issues Against a Licensee; §187.18, Informal Show Compliance Proceeding and Settlement Conference Based on Personal Appearances; §187.24, Pleadings; §187.29, Mediated Settlement Conferences; §187.59, Evidence; §187.70, Purposes and Construction; §187.71, Hearing Before Panel of Board Representatives; §187.72, Decision of the Panel; §187.73, Termination of Suspension.

Chapter 190, Disciplinary Guidelines, Rule Review with amendments to §190.1, §190.14, Disciplinary Sanction Guidelines. Proposed §190.8, Violation Guidelines, was withheld for clarification and will be republished.

Chapter 192, Office Based Anesthesia, Rule Review with amendments to §192.2, Provision of Anesthesia Services in Outpatient Settings.

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