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Texas Medical Board February Bulletin

Texas Medical Board issued 672 physician licenses in February, while reducing licensure processing time, and disciplined 50 physicians.

Texas issued a large number of medical licenses, also the board is moving towards meeting its legislative mandate to reduce the time it takes to issue a license; the average time for processing is down to 67.5 days, from a high of more than 90 before last year’s legislative action to increase agency staff and resources to improve licensure processing times.

The Texas Medical Board took disciplinary action against 50 licensed physicians.

Actions included 15 violations based on quality of care; 5 actions based on unprofessional conduct; 1 action based on violation of probation or prior board order; 1 action based on inadequate medical records violations; 4 actions based on impairment due to alcohol or drugs; 1 action based on nontherapeutic prescribing; 2 actions based on inadequate supervision; 5 voluntary surrenders; 2 actions based on criminal convictions; 1 action based on peer review actions; and 13 minimal statutory violations.

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