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Texas Medical Board April Bulletin

The Texas Medical Board (TMB) took disciplinary action against 66 licensed physicians. Actions included 19 violations based on quality of care; 12 actions based on unprofessional conduct; 7 actions based on violation of probation or prior board order; 9 actions based on inadequate medical records violations; 3 actions based on impairment due to alcohol or drugs; 2 actions based on non-therapeutic prescribing; 3 actions based on other states’ actions; 1 action based on peer review action; 3 miscellaneous actions; and 7 administrative orders based on minimal statutory violations.

The Texas Medical Board issued 688 physician licenses. The board is trying to reduce the time it takes to issue a license; the average time for processing is down to 55.5 days.

Legal Analysis: Step in the right direction, I dealt with cases taking over a year to process a Texas Medical License. No excuse to wait over a year to get a license. Trouble is one is dealing with a governmental agency under no pressure to perform in a timely and expedious manner. Bureaucracy at its best. Welcome to the Socialist state of TMB.

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