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Settlement Reached In Hazing Death Of Student Fort Worth Wrongful Death Lawyer

As a Fort Worth Wrongful Death Lawyer I read with sadness the story excerpted below. Currently my law firm is actively handling 5 Wrongful Death cases, including 3 from medical malpractice, 1 from a pedestrian-car accident and 1 from a death at a gym. Any time there is a loss of life, it is tragic all concerned, especially if somebody else is to blame or be liable.

An Austin family has reached a $500,000 settlement with a group of fraternity members at California Polytechnic State University over the death of their son in 2008. The suit alleged Carson Starkey died of alcohol poisoning during a hazing-related incident with members of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. Staff Report, Austin American Statesman 09/12/2010
Read Article: Austin American Statesman

Here there is a senseless and tragic loss of a college student. I hope the fraternity learn their lesson and hopefully other fraternities will get the message.

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