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Roche Holding AG Wins Reversal of Accutane Verdict.

“Roche Holding AG won reversal of a $10.5 million verdict over its Accutane [isotretinoin] acne drug because a judge improperly barred the company from using evidence about the medication’s use,” according to an appeals court ruling made in Kendall v. Hoffmann LaRoche Inc., ATL- L-8213-05, New Jersey Superior Court, Atlantic County (Atlantic City).

“Roche’s lawyers should have been able to use data about how many acne sufferers had used Accutane over the years throughout Kamie Kendall’s 2008 trial of her lawsuit over the drug, the New Jersey Superior Court Appellate Division ruled,” prompting “a judge in Atlantic City, New Jersey, to delay the trial of an actor’s suit alleging the medication causes inflammatory bowel disease.”

Bloomberg News (8/6, Feeley) reports

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