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Prempro Premarin Settlement Over Cancer-Causing Claims.

As a Fort Worth Product Liability and Defective Drug attorney I am providing this update.

Wyeth Pharmaceuticals and Upjohn Co have agreed to a settlement with two Nevada women who claimed hormone replacement drugs caused their breast cancer.

Court documents report that Nadine Bender, who died while awaiting trial began taking the drugs when she was 30 to help regulate her menstrual cycle. She continued once her menopausal symptoms started and stopped using the drugs when diagnosed with breast cancer in 1995.

Bender, who died while awaiting trial, and Scott, 81, claimed Wyeth’s estrogen pill, known as Premarin, and the drug Prempro, as well as Upjohn’s progestin pill, Provera, caused their breast cancer.

Shelia Scott began the estrogen-progestin combination in 1989 and stopped when her breast cancer was found in 2001.

Recently the Nevada Supreme Court affirmed a $58 million jury award to three women who made similar claims against Wyeth, which “are among thousands filed across the country.

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