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Popcorn Workers Lung – Bronchiolitis Obliterans

Bronchiolitis Obliterans also known as Popcorn Workers Lung, is an obstructive lung disease in which the bronchioles of the lungs are blocked by the growth of fibrous tissue.

The moniker Popcorn Workers Lung has been given to Bronchiolitis Obliterans because workers in factories that make microwavable popcorn that uses diacetyl for the buttery flavoring are known to contract the disease. The disease is irreversible, and can become so severe that a lung transplant may be necessary. Popcorn Workers Lung is a rare disorder that is known to be caused by repeated exposure to toxic gases, namely diacetyl.

The symptoms Popcorn Workers Lung usually occur gradually and become progressively worse. However, the sudden onset of severe symptoms is not unheard of. Signs of this disease include:

* Coughing (usually without phlegm)
* Shortness of breath on exertion
* Fever
* Night sweats
* Weight loss
* Difficulty blowing air out fast and no improvement with asthma medication
A variety of breathing tests, chest x-rays, chest scans and lung biopsies are usually needed in order to diagnose bronchiolitis obliterans. Often, patients are thought to have pneumonia, asthma or other lung ailments before a final diagnosis of Popcorn Workers Lung is made.

Diacetyl, a chemical used to give microwave popcorn and other snacks a buttery flavor, has been associated with the onset of bronchiolitis obliterans. In 2003 and 2004, the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health linked the development of Popcorn Workers Lung in hundreds of workers at six Midwestern popcorn factories to diacetyl exposure.

The Centers for Disease Control has made a similar link between diacetyl and bronchiolitis obliterans. In 2007, two major popcorn manufacturers decided to discontinue the use of diacetyl in their microwave popcorn. Weaver Popcorn and ConAgra Foods, Inc. both announced the move as a way to protect worker health.

In June of 2007, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) was informed of a patient who had developed bronchiolitis obliterans despite never having worked in the popcorn or flavorings industry. Reportedly, the man had been eating at least two bags of butter-flavored microwave popcorn everyday for 15 years prior to his diagnosis. The FDA is now investigating to see if his disease is linked to the consumption of diacetyl in microwave popcorn.

Popcorn Workers Lung Victims Legal Rights
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