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Pipefitter Injured in Fall Recovers $90,780

On Dec. 12, 2008, a pipefitter recovered $90,780 after a jury found that he was partially responsible for injuries he sustained in an accident at a refinery in Port Arthur.

In 2005, James Levine was working on a scaffold owned and erected by United Scaffolding when a piece of plywood covering a hole in the scaffold moved. He fell into the hole but caught himself with his arms. He was later diagnosed with neck injuries allegedly caused by the incident.

Levine continued to work, but the pain became so severe that he had to stop. He sought up to $8 million from United Scaffolding, alleging it failed to properly nail down the plywood.

The defense argued that refinery employees weren’t supposed to be on the scaffold that day and further contended Levine’s injuries weren’t related to the accident. The jury found United Scaffolding 51 percent and Levine 49 percent liable.

Levine v. United Scaffolding Inc., No. E-177,607
Court: 172nd District Court, Jefferson County

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