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Neurosurgeon Not Liable for Failed Back Surgery

On Dec. 12, 2008, a jury sided with a neurosurgeon accused of failing to perform the appropriate procedure on a patient with spinal injuries.

In May 2004, Dr. Walter Loyola performed a two-level fusion on Melinda Lynch’s neck. She had a second fusion in late July, but her problems persisted. She ultimately underwent a 360-degree fusion performed by another doctor three months later.

Lynch sued Loyola for malpractice, alleging the two-level fusions failed and that she wouldn’t have needed the third surgery if Loyola had initially performed a 360-degree fusion instead.

Loyola argued that he believed the two-level fusion would be successful and would have allowed Lynch a greater degree of mobility than the other procedure. He also claimed Lynch didn’t allow for the 12 weeks he told her it would take for her spine to fully fuse.

Lynch v. Loyola, No. 296-2359-06
Court: 296th District Court, Collin County

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