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Motorcycle Injury Lawsuits and Settlements

Motorcycle accidentsThose who are injured during a motorcycle accident caused by the negligence or recklessness of another may have grounds to file a motorcycle injury lawsuit. Likewise, the loved ones of those who passed away due to an accident may also have grounds to file a motorcycle lawsuit.

A motorcycle lawsuit may entitle the victim to damages that may help cover the costs of medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering from the motorcycle accident. The process of filing a motorcycle lawsuit is typically complex. Therefore, it is recommended that victims hire an experienced motorcycle lawyer immediately to provide assistance and guidance throughout the legal process.

Estimating the potential outcome of a motorcycle accident case is quite difficult for one main reason: at trial, it will most likely be a jury that ultimately decides just how much money the defendant must pay the injured motorcyclist.

Some personal injury damages, like medical bills and lost wages, are easier to predict because “concrete” costs like these will mostly be based on the amount the injured person demonstrates he or she has paid or lost and/or will continue to pay or lose. For subjective, less concrete damages like “pain and suffering,” predictions are at best an educated guess based on awards in similar motorcycle accident cases in the past. Because every case and every jury is different, even the best analysis will still only predict pain and suffering damages within a broad range.

To get some idea of past jury awards, here is a list of some:

  • According to Jury Verdict Research published by Thomas Reuters, the average motorcycle injury verdict from 1999 to 2006 was $73,700.
  • A $355,000 verdict was awarded in one case after the person was killed when a truck, pulling a small trailer, turned left in front of the motorcycle at high speed.
  • A $300,000 verdict was awarded in another case where a truck driver turned in front of the motorcycle and the injuries aggravated a previous medical condition.

If you or a loved one was seriously injured in a motorcycle, please don’t hesitate to contact our office. Our law firm handles motorcycle injury lawsuits from across the country.

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