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Man Hurt by Falling Tree Limb in NY Central Park

A 33-year-old man who suffered brain and spinal injuries in July when a heavy limb fell from a tree in Central Park and struck him has sued the city and the Central Park Conservancy for negligence.

The man, Mr. Goldensohn, a computer scientist who works for Google, remains hospitalized from his injuries and has undergone several operations, said his lawyer, Nicholas Papain.

Mr. Goldensohn was walking alone near the park entrance at West 63rd Street on July 29 around 8:15 a.m. when the limb crashed down on him. The accident created a gash in his skull, damaged his upper vertebrae and caused a partial lung collapse, relatives said.

The limb was 36 or 37 feet from the ground, according to the suit. The city and the conservancy should have seen the accident coming, an examination of the tree limb, after this terrible incident, revealed that it was dead and rotted and in real danger of breaking and falling for a long period of time prior to the incidentMr. Papain said.

“The limb’s condition should have been readily apparent to the city and the Central Park Conservancy, who were responsible for the maintenance of the park.”
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