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Houston Texas Pain Pill Mill Doctor Busted Again

As a Dallas Medical License Defense Attorney, I am providing this article regarding a Houston Pain Pill Mill Doctor being busted again. It looks like this guy and his cronies did not learn their lesson. This is a quick fire way to lose your medical and pharmacy licenses.

A physician and two pharmacists arrested in a Houston high-volume pill mill operation, had previously faced disciplinary probes for distributing controlled drugs, and all three had been allowed to continue to work despite those allegations, according to professional disciplinary records.


For two years Dr. Gerald Ratinov, the state’s top prescriber of the pain killer drug hydrocodone, has been under investigation by the Texas Medical Board (TMB) for operating another Harris County pill mill. At that site, an unlicensed foreign medical graduate dispensed drugs and patients received pain pills without proper examinations in 2008.

During the TMB disciplinary action, Ratinov, a 76-year-old neurologist, opened the Astrodome Health Clinic in September 2010 — another site described as a pill mill, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration. And at that clinic and two other sites, he supervised unlicensed foreign medical school graduates and others who illegally supplied pills.

Ratinov now faces felony charges for illegally operating three pill mills: the Astrodome Health Clinic, The Abundant Life and Weight Loss Center and the Hobby Medical Center.

20 people face charges resulting from this week’s pill mill sting, which involved three clinics and four pharmacies. The DEA, the Department of Public Safety, the medical and pharmacy boards and other agencies participated.

Two pharmacists arrested this week already had been on probation with the state Board of Pharmacy for previous prescription problems, according to Pharmacy Board records.

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