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Houston Medical License Attorney

Houston Physician Services & Professional License Defense

Having worked in both academic teaching hospitals and private hospitals through out the United States, Dr. Malik understands, perhaps better than most, the hard work and effort it takes to achieve the medical license and then to maintain it. Dr. Shezad Malik Law Firm concentrates in the representation of physicians and medical professionals in all matters relating to their professional license defense.

We focus on:

•Medical Board disciplinary actions
•Medical staff hearings
•Medi-Care audits and fraud defense
•Dental Board disciplinary actions
•Chiropractic Board disciplinary actions
•Pharmacy Board disciplinary actions
•Health Law Consulting
•Physician Practice Analysis
•Physician Advice and Counselling
•Physician Medical Licensing disputes
•Physician Peer review and disciplinary actions
•Third party Insurance and Medicare/Medicaid Audits
•Impaired Physician: Drug, Alcohol and Substance abuse
If you are a doctor and in danger of losing your medical license or being disciplined in some other manner due to a complaint brought before the Texas Medical Board or other professional boards, you should not face this situation on your own.

Accusations brought by one’s professional disciplinary system are extremely serious with the very real possibility of a permanent loss of the privilege to practice. Seek help immediately. Contact the Dr Shezad Malik Law Firm today and speak with our Texas Medical Board complaint defense attorney, Dr Shezad Malik.

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