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Like the knights and warriors of old, I was preparing this week for all out pitched battle. Is there no captain of Gondor who can come to our aid? Sadly not, we were alone in our campaign for justice.There was going to be a winner and a loser; a victor and vanquished.

A steady drum beat of war filled the air as each night I was hunched over the computer, being warmed by the pallid sickly glow of the screen, while I plotted and schemed our strategy. I reviewed the battle plans with my trusty squire (read associate) and we played out all the competing scenarios. We had been planning our siege and attack for the past 3 months. The defense was well funded, well armed and had countless minions to throw into battle.

Our slip and fall personal injury law suit was filed 3 years ago, and after all the twists and turns had finally come to trial. My 68 year old client had tripped and fallen while crossing a construction site that the company had done when they tore up her drive way. Her house and yard was surrounded by a chain link fence, which was not taken down. The construction site was not barricaded in, taped down or any caution cones placed around the site.

The defense resisted hard, denied all liability and offered no settlement, nothing at mediation and were trying to make us go the long distance. My client had incurred $450,000 in medical bills and had to undergo lumbar sacral surgery and extensive rehab.

My client had a doctor’s appointment go to that morning when she fell. She had no alternative entrance or exit from her place. She had to cross the construction site, which was a drop off of 4-6 inches surrounded by wooden forms getting ready for concrete pouring. She tripped and she went down like a lead balloon, or a tree in the forest, depending on your penchant for metaphors.

We had survived 3 knock out/death sentence motions for summary judgment and countless other motions.

This week, we were poring over the trial exhibits, photographs, reading all the depositions and reviewed all the evidence. Earlier in the week we met the plaintiff and key witnesses for the final time, going over the trial and trial strategy. We had gathered and reviewed the multiple medical records and medical billing business affidavits.

The defense launched a fiercesome attack on our encampments, starting on the dawn of Monday morning. A lengthy volley of 3 motions by defense trebuchets came crashing down to instill fear and panic among the camp. We scrambled during the week to our return volley of opposing motions. We had 7 pre-trial motions to argue about on this Monday morning prior to choosing and seating the jury.

Then Thursday afternoon, a call from the court coordinator, our case was going to be canceled and rescheduled for February 2011, because the judge had a conference to go to…

So now, the pitch battle and storming of the castle will have to wait, but we shall persist and continue in the siege. We now will address and set up the 7 motions and force the defense to skirmishes.

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