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Fleet Phospho Soda and Kidney Damage

Fleet Phospho Soda, a laxative product used for varying applications, was the subject of a December 2008 consumer alert from the FDA (the U.S. Food and Drug Administration). The alert warned that the use of phosphate-based laxatives such as Fleet Phospho Soda could result in kidney failure, even among individuals who do not have a medical condition that puts them at risk for kidney failure.

Fleet Phospho Soda is available without a prescription, it is a non-prescription laxative. It is widely used to clean the intestines before a colonoscopy and other medical procedures.

The Phospho Soda works by drawing fluid from the rest of the body into the colon; if an individual does not consume enough water or other fluids during Phospho Soda use, he or she may become dehydrated. The individual’s level of phosphate salts in the kidneys may also become too high — a development that can result in a type of kidney damage called acute phosphate nephropathy (APN).

Acute phosphate nephropathy is a condition in which phosphate crystals form in the kidneys and significantly impair its function. Without prompt treatment, acute phosphate nephropathy can progress to total renal (kidney) failure and, ultimately, death.

The manufacturer of Fleet Phospho Soda — Lynchburg, Virginia-based C. B. Fleet Laboratories — recalled all of the product from the stores in the U.S. shortly after the FDA alert. This was not the first time that Fleet Phospho Soda had been examined for safety problems by the FDA; in 2001, the FDA issued a strong warning about the product in a “Scientific Background” paper.

Dozens of legal claims have been initiated against C. B. Fleet in recent years. For example, 38 of the lawsuits that began in federal court were combined in June 2009 in the Northern District of Ohio for pre-trial proceedings.

C.B. Fleet maintains that any kidney failure linked to Fleet Phospho Soda was due to misuse of the product. Fleet Phosphate Soda has been manufactured and used as a laxative for over 100 years, and the chief scientific officer for C.B. Fleet, Chris McDaniel, stated in June 2009 that Fleet Phospho Soda is safe when used correctly.

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