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Ethicon Vaginal Mesh $20 Million Verdict

Ethicon Vaginal mesh lawsuit ends in plaintiff’s verdict. The jury in a Philadelphia state court jury found for a plaintiff and awarded a $20 million verdict against Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon division, over complications with the Ethicon TVT-Secur transvaginal mesh.

Philadelphia Ethicon Vaginal Mesh Trial

Margaret Engleman, brought a lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon division. According to Engleman, she received the mesh implant for treatment of stress urinary incontinence but later developed catastrophic side effects when the TVT-Secur mesh eroded through her organs.

Engleman, blamed the defective design of the vaginal mesh for causing her severe complications, and not all of the mesh could be removed by her surgeons because of adhesions, which has continued ongoing pain and urinary problems.

Ethicon Vaginal Mesh $20 Million Verdict

Last week, the jury awarded $2.5 million in compensatory damages and an additional $17.5 million punitive damages awarded against Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon division for recklessly endangering Engleman and other women.

What is Vaginal Mesh?

Vaginal mesh, also known as bladder sling, hammock or pelvic mesh, is a medical device made of plastic that is placed into the vagina to prevent pelvic organ prolapse or urinary incontinence. Pelvic organ prolapse causes the uterus or womb to slip into the vaginal area, causing pain and embarrassing urinary incontinence in most cases.

In many cases, transvaginal sling and mesh complications have required multiple complex surgeries to remove the mesh or sling and correct the injuries. Despite painful complicated corrective surgery, women may be left with irreparable and catastrophic injuries.

Thousands of Ethicon Vaginal Mesh lawsuits filed

Ethicon and other transvaginal mesh manufacturers are exposed to tens of thousands of product liability and personal injury claims brought by women throughout the United States.

The injured women claim that the plastic mesh used for repair of pelvic organ prolapse and female stress urinary incontinence moved through the vagina, causing perforations, infections, recurrent urinary incontinence and painful injuries.

Since the litigation began in 2010, many of the mesh and bladder sling manufacturers have reached vaginal mesh settlements to avoid major jury verdicts.

The FDA has issued many safety warnings regarding vaginal mesh and bladder slings and now considers them high-risk medical devices.

Ethicon Vaginal Mesh Verdicts and Settlements

The Engelman trial is the third multi-million dollar verdict in an Ethicon vaginal mesh lawsuit trial held in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas.

In February 2016, a jury awarded a woman $13.5 million, including $10 million in punitive damages. That followed a December 2015 trial, which resulted in a $12.5 million award for the plaintiff, including $7 million in punitive damages.

Three additional Ethicon mesh trials are scheduled over the next two months, and the manufacturer has indicated that it intends to appeal last week’s verdict.

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