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Doctor sues for Medical Malpractice

A West Virginia physician has filed a malpractice lawsuit against two other doctors and Thomas Memorial Hospital, alleging negligence and improper treatment when he needed abdominal surgery. In addition to the hospital, the lawsuit was filed against the doctors who treated him.

Cunningham, a Charleston, WV gynecologist, was admitted to the hospital and underwent abdominal surgery. The doctor plaintiff alleged that the hospital and physicians were negligent in their treatment to him.

After surgery, Cunningham developed an infection and his medical condition deteriorated significantly to the stage where he developed severe abdominal pain, decreased consciousness and overwhelming septic shock.

The complaint alleged that Cunningham’s physical condition was allowed to deteriorate to a point where he required mechanical ventilation and additional surgeries.

Cunningham as a result suffered severe physical injury, incurred medical bills, suffered physical and mental pain, emotional distress and will suffer those in the future.

Legal Analysis: This case highlights that even doctors can be victims of medical malpractice.

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