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Doctor Not Liable For Patient’s Heart Attack

On Sept. 19, a jury sided with a doctor accused of failing to prevent a patient’s heart attack.

In 2004, Phyllis Jackson, then 49, underwent a hysterectomy, which had been recommended by her doctor, Suvij Upatham.

The day after the procedure, Jackson complained of chest discomfort and tests showed an elevated heart rate. A nurse notified Upatham, who ordered a number of interventions but did not order an EKG.

Hours later, Jackson went into respiratory distress, and an EKG revealed she had a heart attack. She now suffers from congestive heart failure and is unable to work.

She blamed Upatham, claiming he did not properly test her heart prior to the hysterectomy and that he failed to notice the heart attack symptoms following the procedure.

Upatham argued that Jackson underwent proper testing before the surgery and that her post-operative discomfort was not unusual.

Jackson v. Upatham, No. 70620
Court: 354th District Court, Hunt County

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