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Doctor License Suspended: Failed SPEX

Texas Medical Board (TMB) suspended the license of Beauford Basped, D.O., license of Fort Worth, after a hearing in which the panel determined Dr. Basped had violated previous orders.

The action was based on Dr. Basped’s failure to comply with an agreed order dated April 20, 2007, requiring him to take and pass the Special Purpose Examination (SPEX), a test for basic medical knowledge, and complete the Center for Personalized Education for Physicians Program (CPEP) within 12 months.

The TMB found that Dr. Basped has taken the SPEX three times without passing. The board also found that Dr. Basped was suspended from the CPEP program because of his not being allowed to see patients at John Peter Smith Hospital. The board also found that Dr. Basped had not complied with a Mediated Agreed Order entered into with the board in 2005 by his failure to take certain continuing medical education courses.

The length of a temporary suspension order is indefinite but it remains in effect until the board takes further action.

Legal Analysis: The SPEX exam is an easy test and straightfoward. It is designed to measure basic medical knowledge. Something more must be going on for this doctor, since he also did not comply with the other orders.

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